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Castrol's high quality engine oils, fluids and greases help maintain the reliability and productivity of heavy-duty vehicles while reducing Total Cost of Ownership.

Heavy duty vehicles cost big money to own and operate. Yet the ongoing expense of lubricants is only around 1-2% of that overall sum, which is why these costs are sometimes overlooked when Total Cost of Ownership is being considered.

Many operators see lubricants as a simple commodity where they can look to make cost savings. While Castrol’s liquid engineering solutions cost a little more to buy at the outset, they actually drive down the Total Cost of Ownership by significantly extending drain intervals and by delivering fuel savings.

In fact, our premium Castrol VECTON® diesel engine oil products deliver a 45% extra performance reserve* that fights oil breakdown by controlling oxidation, reducing deposits, and neutralizing harmful acids. This means longer useful oil life, which can lower your operating costs.

Whatever kind of heavy duty vehicles you operate, Castrol has the expertise, the products and the services you need to ensure operational efficiency and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

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