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How often do you need to check your engine oil. It only takes a minute to do it once a week, and could save your engine from serious problems.

Naturally, it's essential to change your engine oil at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer. But how often should you check your oil level?

In the days before oil level sensors, many drivers checked their oil at the dipstick at least once a week.

Unless you're running an older car or an American classic, that may not be necessary these days. Having said that, it's worth remembering that your motor oil is no less important than any other engine component.

Even if you're driving a brand new muscle car or highly engineered European model, environmental factors such as fuel quality, extreme temperatures or stop-and-go driving can increase the amount of oil your engine uses.

So here at Castrol, most of our people pop the hood and check their oil level at least every couple of weeks, and always right before a long trip. It only takes a minute to check and top off if necessary, and it might add years of reliable, powerful and economical driving to the life of your engine.

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