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Car owners are often surprised by the fact that their car needs grease as well as oil. There are many parts of your car that need to be greased to operate smoothly and stay free of corrosion. Wheel bearings, chassis joints, ball joints, and universal joints all need the right specification of grease.

Wherever friction is found between two moving surfaces, there will also be wear and tear. And although friction is important for machines with moving parts to function properly, it should be reduced to a minimum. To do that, you need to use an industrial lubricant or grease. A big misconception is that all lubricants are the same. But just like you wouldn’t use a coolant instead of engine oil, you can’t use an automotive lubricant instead of industrial grease. That's why Castrol offers a wide range of multi-purpose and specialized synthetic greases, from long-life full synthetic grease to MP (multi-purpose) grease to high-temperature grease.

When buying grease, you need to consider the application you’ll use it for. One of the most important characteristics of industrial lubricants is their viscosity, which is necessary to achieve optimum lubrication. However, countless industrial lubricants have a similar viscosity, which is why you have to pay attention to their structure. The structure is what makes lubricants different from one another and more effective for specific functions. Although the base structure of lubricants is similar, there are different additives added to the mix.

Most lubricants contain anti-wear additives and have qualities that help cool, lubricate and protect. However, some industrial bearings heat up more than others and need stronger cooling properties, while others work under high pressure and need extra protection properties. Additionally, some bearings are constantly exposed to contaminants, like water and dirt, meaning they need a lubricant that protects against them.

Whether you need synthetic grease or conventional bearing grease, we have the answer. Contact Bosveld Smeermiddels today for recommendations on Castrol's comprehensive range of world-class greases.

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