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We know that every industry on earth has its own unique challenges, but the need to improve productivity and reduce inefficiency is universal. So we understand how important it is for you to avoid unscheduled downtime and optimize every process and application.

That's why Castrol's Liquid Engineers not only have real world knowledge of the demands of your industry, they are also constantly working to create innovative lubricant solutions: in the world-class facilities of Castrol's 13 technology centers around the world, and on site with customers just like you.


Every industry has its own complexities, whether you work with heavy machinery or high technology. Not only do we understand these complexities, we have liquid engineered solutions to many of them: from recycling the cleaners used in metalworking to re-inventing the way in which chains and conveyors are lubricated.

Castrol's liquid engineered lubricants, greases, cleaners and treatments have the potential to help improve the productivity and reliability of your operations, while at the same time cutting inefficiency and waste.

The impact of these gains can be substantial and surprising, with case studies revealing that some businesses have saved literally hundreds of thousands of dollars year, simply by taking our advice and switching to a more efficient and effective industrial lubricant or fluid.

Even if you're happy with the efficiency of your operations, we always recommend talking to one of our industry experts. They are here to offer trusted advice on all of the industrial products you need to make your processes run more reliably, sustainably and cost-effectively.

When meeting your business objectives depends on improving productivity and reducing inefficiency, our experts are here to help make it happen.

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