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At Bosveld Smeermiddels we understand the value of independent workshops and the importance of the skills and knowledge of workshops mechanics. Together, Castrol and Bosveld Smeermiddels are dedicated to helping you and your workshop provide your customers with the best service and products possible. Partnering with Castrol and Bosveld Smeermiddels can help independent workshops continue to grow in today’s highly competitive market.


Castrol is one of the best known and widely trusted brands in the world, and has over 100 years of expertise in producing only the highest-quality lubricants. Our products are not only trusted by drivers globally, but we are the oil of choice for some of the world’s leading car manufacturers. On top of that, our lubricant technology is state of the art and always on the cutting edge. Our reputation for innovation and extraordinary performance enables you to attract and retain more customers, and our premium products helps your customers get the most from their engines.

Qualifying workshops are also elligible to become part of the network of Castrol branded workshops, including internal and external branding and signage packages, the ability to operate under Castrol’s trusted brand as a Castrol SERVICE or AUTO SERVICE workshop, and more. For more information on qualifying criteria as well as a full list of benefits, contact Bosveld Smeermiddels.


We have a range of tools and services to support you in your use of Castrol products.

  1. OIL FINDER TOOL - Find the Right Castrol Lubricants for your workshop needs by using the Oil Finder Tool on the Castrol website.

  2. OEM SPECIFICATIONS - Did you know that products like Castrol EDGE meets or exceeds 97% of OEM Specifications. You can find a full list of details like OEM Specifications by contacting our technical experts at Bosveld Smeermiddels or visiting the Castrol website.

  3. TECHNICAL SUPPORT - As an official Castrol Distributor, Bosveld Smeermiddels keeps up to date with the latest recommendations and innovations, and our team has decades of experience in the lubricant industry. We will always be able to assist you, wether it's telephonically or through on site visits.


To understand the benefits Castrol’s products and offers can bring to your workshop, contact Bosveld Smeermiddels, the official distributor of Castrol products in the Limpopo province. We look forward to assisting you in your journey, and we believe in partnering with our customers for life, making sure you get every last drop of value out of our products and programs.

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